48 Candidates ADAPT in China this Week

This coming week sees the first ever ADAPT parkour coaching certification course in China – and it’s a big one!

The course is full to the brim, with 48 candidates attending the 3 day course with 3 tutors  – Chris ‘Blane’ Rowat and Andy Pearson of Parkour Generations and Federico ‘Gato’ Mazzoleni of Italy’s Parkour Wave.

The certification course runs from Tuesday to Thursday this week, in Beijing, and is hosted by High Performance Strength Fitness. It is then followed by a public workshop event on the weekend which will be taught by our tutor team along with the assistance of some of the newly certified coaches.

This is one of the largest ADAPT Level 1 courses to date, though Italy has topped it with over 60 candidates on one course!

ADAPT is the global coaching certification programme for parkour / freerunning. To host or arrange a course near you contact us directly.