ADAPT Level 2 Launches in the USA

World Exclusive: The first ever ADAPT parkour coaching Level 2 certification course in the United States will happen in October, in Boston.

This course is for those practitioners who have successfully completed their ADAPT Level 1 certification and have chosen to bring their training and teaching to the next level. ADAPT Level 2 instructors are an elite group of talented individuals that have demonstrated their mastery of the mental, technical, and physical aspects of parkour/freerunning/l’art du déplacement and are experienced and effective instructors, well-versed in teaching it in all manner of situations and surroundings.

Location: Boston, MA
Dates: October 14 – 18 (9am – 6pm each day)

Price & Registration Info:
Early-Bird Registration: before August 31st ($600) **
Normal Registration: Sept 1 – Sept 31 ($675)
Late Registration: Oct 1 – 7 ($750)

All prices include the registration deposit required to reserve a spot on the course.
**This is a one-time discounted price for the first-ever USA ADAPT Level 2 course

Level 2 Assessments:
The ADAPT L2 Assessments must be completed within 3-9 months of taking the course. There will be an assessment taking place in Texas in early 2014, with tentative dates of Jan 1-3 to be confirmed at the course in October. There is no additional charge to take the assessment (apart from large amounts of blood, sweat, and tears).

Candidates will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the course site. There is an efficient and (fairly) inexpensive public transport network within Boston and the city can be reached via bus (Greyhound, Megabus, Bolt Bus, Peter Pan, etc.), train, and air (Boston Logan Airport).

Food & Accommodation: You will be responsible for your own food and accommodations for the duration of the course and the assessment. In order to offset the financial burden of the course, there are a number of members of the Boston community willing to host candidates. This number is limited however, so contact if you’re interested in finding a host.

American RDV:
All ADAPT L2 candidates will receive free entry into the American RDV event that will be taking place on the weekend after the course, October 19th & 20th (normally $50-80).

Holders of the ADAPT Level 2 dispensation will be expected to participate in the first L2 course available in their country of residence. Once the course has been completed, the dispensation will no longer be valid.

If you have any questions about this course, please email