ADAPT Level 3 To Launch

This year will see the official public launch of the ADAPT Level 3 Master Coach Qualification, which will be piloted in the UK.

The Level 3 has been run privately on an invitational basis to date, and has proven to be highly successful and a rigorous training course for those who wish to progress to the pinnacle of coaching in parkour / freerunning. The Level 3 is also the first step on becoming an ADAPT Tutor, able to deliver the ADAPT Certification courses worldwide.

Level 2 Full Coach

Until now the renowned Level 2 Full Coach Qualification has been the benchmark for serious parkour practitioners wanting to become recognised coaches, and has been delivered all over the world for some of the most experienced coaching communities there are. Known as officially the hardest physical certification in Europe, if not the world, the Level 2 is an intensive 5 day training course, followed by 3 months of reflective coaching practice and rounded off by 3 days of assessments. The 5 day training course includes over 45 hours of college-level guided learning with 2 full days entirely committed to coaching theory, models and best practice and 3 days of insight into the essence and practice of the discipline of  parkour / freerunning.

Covered in the Level 2 are such central topic areas as movement biomechanics, coaching models and pedagogy, safety and acceptable risk, nutrition, conveying the values, creativity and exploration and many other essential aspects of becoming a parkour coach.

Level 3 Master Coach

The Level 3 takes the coaching elements to a new height, looking at a variety of areas including athlete programming in depth, managing groups of coaches, safeguarding the art and of course tutoring the ADAPT certifications. It also involves a rigorous physical and technical test.

The Level 3 Master Coach qualification will roll out soon in the UK and around the world, and will accompany a slight fine-tuning of the existing Level 2 qualification to ensure the correct balance across the levels.

ADAPT is now regularly delivered around the world with courses held on almost every continent on a monthly basis. The absolute benchmark for parkour coaching, ADAPT was created by the pioneers and principal coaches of the discipline and has achieved worldwide acclaim, becoming the only governments and sports authority recognised parkour coaching certification there is.

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