ADAPT Education Pathway

The ADAPT pathway is a programme of learning, development and qualification to facilitate the effective coaching of parkour / freerunning. The pathway begins with accessible awards for young people looking to develop and understanding of parkour and leadership skills, progresses on to the Levels 1-3 coach certifications and then, if desired, on to enabling delivery of the certification courses as a Level 1-4 tutor, assessor and internal verifier.

Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses provide avenues for further education and exploring specific elements of coaching and parkour in more detail.

  • ADAPT Level 1 Assistant Coach
    This course is the foundation of the ADAPT Coach Certification programme
  • ADAPT Level 2 Fundamentals Coach
    Certifies you as a full Fundamentals Coach for Parkour / Freerunning
  • ADAPT Level 3 Master Coach
    Master Coach is the pinnacle of the parkour coaching certification programme
  • ADAPT Level 1 Tutor
    Certify to deliver the ADAPT Level 1 Coaching Certification
  • ADAPT Level 2 Tutor
    Certify to deliver the ADAPT Level 2 Coach Certifications and Assessments
  • ADAPT Assessor
    Certify to deliver all the ADAPT Coach Certifications including that of Master Coach
  • ADAPT Internal Verifier
    Certify to assess delivery of Level 1-3 Coach and Tutor Certifications and assess any related assessment phases
  • Junior ADAPT
    One day Award for ages 7-10 to inform and recognise healthy movement, good early training principles and a positive mindset
  • Youth ADAPT
    One day Award for ages 11-15 focusing on movement competence, training concepts and community building
  • ADAPT's Young Traceur
    For young people ages 11+ to learn movement skills, leadership abilities, confidence and an understanding of physical training
  • CPD - Flow State & Mindful Movement
    This CPD focuses on the principles of natural learning and the science of the flow state, and how to apply these in movement coaching
  • CPD - Movement Progressions and Regressions
    Learn to regress and progress the foundational movements of parkour to create a continuum of development for any athlete
  • CPD - Strength for Parkour
    This CPD teaches you the key elements of effective strength training to support movement and parkour
  • CPD - Cueing and Communication Skills
    This CPD focuses on coach communication skills and how to cue learners effectively for movement and parkour
  • CPD - Event and Large Group Coaching
    This CPD focuses on learning how to manage and coach large groups of people for optimal results, whether in classes, events or seminars
  • CPD - Parkour for School Teachers
    This course has been designed to enable you to deliver foundational elements of parkour within a school environment.
  • CPD - Adaptive Movement for Physical Disability
    This CPD focuses on principles of coaching movement for the physically disabled
  • CPD - Parkour for Older People
    This course has been designed to enable you to understand the methods, concepts and applications of parkour for the over 60s
  • CPD - Youth Coaching
    This CPD focuses on the principles of effective movement coaching for young people