We’re Putting Community First


ADAPT Believes You Should Always Put The Community First

At ADAPT we respect the development of communities all over the world, we work in lots of different ways to support and build parkour across the globe, from grass roots discovery of huge talents to aiding in recognition from some of the most influential bodies in the world. ADAPT believes in putting community first.

With that in mind we need to make an announcement; we have decided to postpone adding any further dates to our calendar for Australia until further notice… and it’s a good thing!

Really?! Why?

Yes, this is an odd announcement to hold up in such a positive light, but we believe it holds the best interests of parkour at heart. In Australia we potentially have the opportunity to learn, collaborate with, and aid the growth of the community by listening to those who have been there from the start. We will still be making an appearance in Perth in October with Movement Co. running our gateway qualification, ADAPT Level 1 Coach Certification, alongside the Parkour Fitness Specialist Certification from Parkour Generations. From here we hope to go on to share our experiences and take on board everything that Australia has to offer in a mutual exchange of knowledge with various members of the wider community.

So although we appear to be postponing our tour for now, sometimes you have to regress to progress. From here will come great things.

See you in Perth!!


ADAPT Qualifications

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