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As you may have heard… We have a new store!! And with that comes continual improvements and additions. The latest improvement we’ve made is designed to enhance your booking experience. You can now view all our courses and events in your own currency.

Now, you may think that’s a pretty obvious addition to make for an international organisation. But you’d be surprised, companies all over the world will often operate by selling their products in their own currency or defaulting to using $’s or £’s just because it’s easier to manage.

While all our courses are priced in pounds to begin with and will show that way once you arrive at the checkout or your payment plan page, we’ve put the work in to include over 170 currencies on our site so you can view everything in your currency, the site will even pick up what country your viewing from and automatically change it for you.

But hang on ADAPT, I travel a lot and need to view everything in the currency of my home country while visiting elsewhere!? No problem! Just scroll through the Currency Selector in the Header Menu and you can view everything in one of 170+ Currencies.

So you see, with 25 courses and events on 6 continents across the next 6 months alone, plus more still to come, there really is no reason to miss out. Go on, Book Now!


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Interested in delivering ADAPT in your country? Get in touch and we’ll help you organize a course to deliver these unique opportunities to your community. Don’t have an ADAPT Tutor in your country? We can provide one for you! Or better yet, learn how to become an ADAPT Tutor yourself by checking out the ADAPT Education Pathway.