Giving Back Wherever We Can

Giving Back

Giving Back To The Community

Here at ADAPT Qualifications we really care about the community and giving back as much as we can to help take things further and build improvement wherever possible.

That’s why we team up with parkour organisations all over the world to provide workshops, coach education and professional development. Every time we do we get to give back a little bit more. Just one of the ways we do this is through our Hosting Programme. Our Hosting Programme is designed to allow parkour organisations to receive direct payback from any certification, workshop or professional development course run by us, with them, for you. This way money generated gets to go back into the community straight away where people like you can benefit immediately.

Did you know that on average every course we have run this year has generated over £1,000.00 in proceeds which goes straight back to the parkour community via host organisations and other parkour establishments. That’s just one way we’re giving back.

And you can too! By booking with ADAPT Qualifications you will be contributing directly to parkour communities all over the world. So it’s not just yourselves you are bettering but you’re helping provide good quality parkour facilities, education, inspiration and more.

If you would like to generate payback for your community directly why not join our Hosting Programme? You can find out more by getting in touch through our Contact Page.



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ADAPT Qualifications

ADAPT Qualifications

Interested in delivering ADAPT in your country? Get in touch and we’ll help you organize a course to deliver these unique opportunities to your community. Don’t have an ADAPT Tutor in your country? We can provide one for you! Or better yet, learn how to become an ADAPT Tutor yourself by checking out the ADAPT Education Pathway.