Kids Achieving Worldwide!!

Kids Achieve Worldwide

Get The Kids Involved This Summer

In less than a month we begin the Summer Edition of of the Young ADAPT Awards in both the UK and the States. So get those kids ready for a summer they’ll never forget!

Kids age 7-10 – Take on the Junior Award

For ages 7-10 years, this is an early years development point that helps to introduce and promote the ADAPT principles of physical and mental health, competence and confidence at an early age, and to check that the young practitioner is on a positive, fun and informed path with their training.

The focus here is on the young practitioner’s ability to perform basic movements with a reasonable level of technical skill and an understanding of safe practice, respect for themselves, others and their environment, teamwork and a willingness to learn. The Junior Award is comprised of a social training experience allowing them to interact and learn from each other as well as the Young ADAPT Tutors.

Join us in Boston, USA on 1st July   or   Join us in Herts, UK on 2nd July

Kids age 11-15 – Take on the Youth Award

For ages 11-15 years the focus of this Award is for the student to be able to move at a good level, demonstrating basic skills such as jumps, rolls, arm jumps, vaults, tic-tacs, balance, etc, while also showing combinations of these movements to produce basic fluidity over terrain and the ability to adapt to new challenges. This Award also begins introducing the concepts of physical fitness and development as a significant aspect of healthy, progressive training.

Join us on 2nd July in Boston, USA or Herts, UK


ADAPT Qualifications

Interested in delivering ADAPT in your country? Get in touch and we’ll help you organize a course to deliver these unique opportunities to your community. Don’t have an ADAPT Tutor in your country? We can provide one for you! Or better yet, learn how to become an ADAPT Tutor yourself by checking out the ADAPT Education Pathway.