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Parkour UK

90 High Holborn

London, UK


As a national governing body, Parkour UK (PKUK) is responsible for all the administration, development and promotion of the discipline of parkour or freerunning. PKUK is a non-profit organisation and is overseen by a board of directors and a council, who are responsible for regulating instruction within the sport.

This vision is fuelled by a dedicated team of full time practitioners of the sport and part time volunteers who all share the same passion and ambition for parkour, and who have been instrumental in introducing the regular teaching of the sport in schools and local authorities around the country over the last four years.

Parkour is perhaps the most accessible transformative practice the world has ever seen, open to all and requiring no specialized equipment or training areas. PKUK plays a fundamental role in developing a ‘sport for all’ by encouraging participation no matter what your age, ability or background.