New Delivery Centre Coming to Sweden: Quality Movement

We are thrilled to announce a new ADAPT Delivery Centre is in the works – this time for Sweden!

The fantastic Quality Movement organisation based in Stockholm is now going through the process of becoming a full Delivery Centre for the ADAPT Parkour Coaching Certifications and will be hosting and delivering the certifications in Sweden very soon.

A first ever Level 1  course in Sweden will happen on April 28-30, delivered by Parkour Generations tutors alongside the leading coaches from Quality Movement. Places strictly limited so book as soon as it opens to be part of this historic first course in the country.

Being approved as a Delivery Centre is a great achievement and means the organisation has a great history of delivering, promoting and maintaing the standards, methods and philosophy of parkour in its region. Well done to Quality Movement and we can’t wait to see the certifications take off in the country.

Check our Quality Movement at the link above and join our Facebook Page to see all the upcoming events around the world near you!

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