New Italian Delivery Centre: Parkour Wave


We’re very happy to announce our latest official Delivery Centre for the ADAPT Qualifications: Italy’s Parkour Wave.

ParkourWave was born in Bergamo in 2010, from an idea by Federico Gato Mazzoleni and Viviano Gabrieli. The mission of ParkourWave is to convey the discipline of parkour, the art of displacement. The challenge is to render parkour accessible to all while keeping intact the original spirit of discipline.

ParkourWave is one of the few groups in Italy that has instructors certified by the founders (ADAPT) and is affiliated to the International Federation of Arts of Movement (FIADD). ParkourWave become an amateur sports association in May 2012, a subsidiary entity of the national sports promotion UISP and registered with the CONI.

In addition to coaching, practice motor skills and self-discipline accumulated over years of training, made ​​the team ParkourWave a versatile group of professionals: from stuntmen to performance artists, with experience in all fields of media service.

ParkourWave now delivers the ADAPT Qualifications across Italy in conjunction with our partners UISP, the Italian sports authority.