New Dates for ADAPT On Tour

New Dates Added to Australia

With only 4 months to go until we embark on the world’s first ever ADAPT On Tour, newly confirmed dates are rolling in fast!

So far we  have booking available for:

  • Perth – Level 1 Coach Certification, 5th Oct
  • Perth – Level 1 Parkour Fitness Specialist Certification, 12th Oct
  • Adelaide – Level 1 Coach Certification, 19th Oct
  • Adelaide – Next Generation Public Workshops, 22nd Oct
  • Melbourne – Level 1 Coach Certification, 26th Oct
  • Melbourne – Next Generation Public Workshops, 29th Oct
  • More to come…

We are still awaiting confirmation on dates for Sydney, Brisbane and more, so get booking now from AUD $75.00/m for the Level 1 Coach Certification.

This Tour Has Everything!! Whether you are a parkour practitioner with ambitions to coach, a PT wanting to add more functional movement classes to your calendar or just interested in training with the Next Generation of Parkour Coaches, ADAPT On Tour has something for you! So Book Now via the recently refurbished ADAPT Store

Are you already coaching Parkour and want to boost your coaching team? We are still looking for people and organisations in some areas of Australia to take on the incredible opportunity of hosting the various courses and workshops we’ll be running. Everyone who hosts with ADAPT will benefit from incredible ADAPT Perks, including FREE places on any course you host. Anyone can become a host, from enthusiastic individuals to professional organisations. So, please get in touch,

Move. Learn. Coach.

Boost your career with ADAPT On Tour!!


New Dates for ADAPT On Tour

Interested in delivering ADAPT in your country? Get in touch and we’ll help you organize a course to deliver these unique opportunities to your community. Don’t have an ADAPT Tutor in your country? We can provide one for you! Or better yet, learn how to become an ADAPT Tutor yourself by checking out the ADAPT Education Pathway.