ADAPT Young Traceur Award

ADAPT Young Traceur Award

ADAPT Young Traceur Award

The Young Traceur Award is for practitioners over the age of 11 and is a one-day course lead by a certified ADAPT Tutor focussing on the development of leadership skills through parkour practice, movement competence and an understanding of the needs of physical training and holistic health, to include basic points surrounding nutrition, adequate recovery and rest, and the importance of training within and developing a community.

The focus at this level is for the student to be able to move at a higher standard than before, understand their own movement, how to control the environment they are training in as a whole and how to manage and lead a group. 

The Award culminates with the candidate creating and choreographing a live parkour performance for an audience of peers and parents. 


The Young Traceur Award Course teaches participants to:



Intensive movement training day



Understand concepts of movement and foundational biomechanics


Control their training and movement in a given environment


Respect their own body and mind as well as the needs and goals of others


Learn to lead a group of peers to work together towards an end goal or outcome


ADAPT Youth Award

Attend the Young Traceur Award training day

Assessment Day: Written Assessment – 45 mins This stage includes a written assessment which can include questions that cover aspects such as movement terminology, history, key concepts, personal motivations etc. This assessment can also include questions that show their understanding of other people’s abilities and how to control certain situations, e.g. how to deal with a passer-by who approaches their training group.

Parkour Competence Assessment – 45 mins The assessor will challenge the candidate to demonstrate competence with parkour movements and tasks in a given environment, looking in particular for control, accuracy, precision and safety. 1-2 minute improvisation can still be used as part of the physical assessment to show their creativity, fluidity, stamina and general fitness levels. This assessment will likely be as part of a group of candidates. Precise knowledge of exercises or anatomy/physiology is not required at this stage, but rather the ability to manage, motivate and inspire others through parkour practice.

Performance – 5-10 mins As an exercise in leadership, group management skills and organisational ability, the student is asked to put together a 5-10 minute parkour performance with a group of friends/other candidates. Performers, choreography, music, dialogue, environment is all left to the candidate to select.  This means the student must understand the physical capabilities of their peers and how to control the environment to suit everyone present. The participant will have 2-3 months to prepare the performance for assessment, and this may be submitted by a single-cut, fixed point video of the performance to ADAPT Qualifications or performed on site during an ADAPT Young Traceur training day.


Course: GBP £???
Price may vary from region to region
ADAPT Qualifications does not accommodate refunds or transfers.


Certificate of Completion awarded at the end of the course or sent by mail 1-2 weeks after course completion to the address used for registration.


1 training day and 1 assessment day


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