ADAPT Youth Award

ADAPT Youth Award

ADAPT Youth Award: Age 11-15 Years

The Youth Award is the next stage of development for young parkour practitioners and a recognition of their progress in training.

The focus of this Award is for the student to be able to move at a good level, demonstrating basic skills such as jumps, rolls, arm jumps, vaults, tic-tacs, balance, etc., while also showing combinations of these movements to produce basic fluidity over terrain and the ability to adapt to new challenges. This Award also begins introducing the concepts of physical fitness and development as a significant aspect of healthy, progressive training.

We recommend young practitioners attend the Youth Award training day more than once so as to demonstrate continued progress in their training and bridge towards attempting the Young Traceur Award.



The Youth Award teaches participants about:



The importance of progressive, gradual training and practice for long-term health and improvement


The importance of holistic fitness training for movement health, strength and longevity


Expressing individuality and creativity through movement


Attend the Youth Award Training Day

Verbal Assessment: The candidate will be asked a series of questions on the purpose of parkour movements, personal motivations, etc., to demonstrate a general understanding of the core concepts of parkour and a positive approach to training and practice

Parkour Competence Assessment: This assessment happens as part of a group of candidates and requires the practitioner to demonstrate initial competence in utilising the foundational movements in a given space and to the assessor’s satisfaction. The assessment also enables the practitioner to express creativity in movement with an individual 1-2 minute demonstration of free-form parkour.


Training Day: GBP £55
Price may vary from region to region
ADAPT Qualifications does not accommodate refunds or transfers.


Certificate of Completion awarded at the end of the course  

Event T-Shirt awarded during the course


One Day Training Course


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