CPD – Flow State & Mindful Movement

CPD – Flow State & Mindful Movement

ADAPT CPD Course: Flow State & Mindful Movement

The Mindful Movement CPD is packed with training strategies, information and methods that help you to progress far more effectively in your practice. Learn to integrate body and mind in movement training to achieve the optimal ‘flow state’ that occurs only when we are able to bring our complete self to our training, whatever the discipline.

All practice is not equal. Most practitioners of any discipline will progress haphazardly and disjointedly, quickly reaching plateaus in their training and will experience frustration, mental blocks and perceived limits to their potential. But training can be approached far more effectively and productively, leading to constant and never-ending improvement and the fulfillment and enjoyment that follows in its wake. Discover why deliberate practice is the key to mastery of parkour or any discipline, and how the elite performers use this concept to achieve levels of ability most can only ever dream of.


This CPD Workshop is designed to impart a highly effective approach to parkour training, exploring methods and strategies based on the learnings of expert coaches and practitioners. The workshop contains both theory and practical elements, so be prepared to move for a majority of the session. Summary materials will be provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own materials for taking notes and collecting ideas.

Deliberate practice
Expert training strategies
Principles of natural learning and unlocking instinctive movement
Mindfulness in movement
Applying the science of expertise


The Course teaches participants to:


Deliberate Practice

Learn the master key of coaching – enabling deliberate practice in your students and in your own training is the secret to rapid improvement in any discipline.

Learning Strategies

Understand the most effective learning strategies for your students.

Flow State

The ‘flow state’ has been proven to be the optimal neural state for learning, enjoyment and activity. You will learn how to create triggers to bring your students closer to their ideal flow state in training.

Science of Expertise

Understand the science behind human expertise in any field and how to apply it to movement training and coaching

Natural Learning

Understand the power of natural learning as a method of coaching and teaching, which reaches into the individual’s ability to self-organise and produce optimal performance.


Completion of Level 1 Assistant Coach Certification


Course: GBP £215
Price may vary from region to region
ADAPT Qualifications does not accommodate refunds or transfers.


Electronic certificate sent 1-2 weeks after course completion to the email address used for registration.


1 Day Course