The Young ADAPT Awards Return

2017 Welcomes the Return of the Young ADAPT Awards

Thanks to Parkour Generations’ Hertfordshire branch, we have a series of different dates throughout 2017 for the Young ADAPT Awards, which are comprised of the Junior Awards, ages 7-10, and the Youth Awards, ages 11+. We have also released the first set of dates for the brand new Young Traceur Award  for those over the age of 11 who have shown a high level of proficiency in previous awards.

Check out the dates and book here!


Young ADAPT Awards

The Young ADAPT Awards are a fantastic gateway opportunity. Giving children and young people a glimpse into the mind-blowing world of ADAPT with an expanse of training ideals on technical, physical, psychological and emotional progression, essential in helping young practitioners the world over grow into strong, open minded, well rounded individuals. These awards cover everything from the playful movement of young children, to technical improvements, to discussions designed for young people on the philosophies of Parkour.

The two initial Young ADAPT Awards, are designed to allow young athletes to progress over a full day of varied training, meeting new people, sharing ideas and without the overbearing judgement of formalized tests. These are primarily training awards geared towards preparing participants for the tougher challenges that lie ahead as they continue to progress. The Perfect Parkour Companion!

All that remains is to come along and experience these awards for yourself!


Interested in delivering the Young ADAPT Awards in your country? Get in touch and we’ll help you organize a course specifically designed for ADAPT Tutors so you can learn how to deliver these unique opportunities to your kids. Don’t have an ADAPT Tutor in your country? We can provide one for you!

Or better yet, learn how to become an ADAPT Tutor yourself by checking out the ADAPT Education Pathway.

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