Level 2 Coach Certification - September 2019
Level 2 Coach Certification - September 2019
London, UK

Level 2 Coach Certification - September 2019

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- The Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy, Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard Pl, Poplar, London E14 0JY

The Level 2 Coach Certification covers the vital elements of coaching science and methodology required to effectively deliver parkour sessions. This certification is comprised of two parts; The Course, lasting for 5 days, and The Assessments, a 2 day phase which must be attended between 3 months and 2 years following the end of the course. The assessments may only be booked once the course has been completed, details will be sent to candidates accordingly.

We ask everyone to undergo post course experience, an additional 20-40 reflective coaching sessions must be satisfactorily completed within 24 months of the end of the course and before the Assessments. Each candidate will be informed how many reflective coaching sessions are required based on their performance on the course.

The Level 2 Coach Certification course lasts 5 days, each day starting at 09:00 and finishing at 18:00. Once you've booked your chosen course you'll be sent further information, including the exact address of the course and contact information for your host and tutor. If you need this information before booking, scroll down and Ask A Question.

We ask that all candidates meet the following criteria:
  • 18 years of age or over
  • First Aid or recognised equivalent certification
  • A.D.A.P.T. Level 1 Coach Certified
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English (this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing). At certain courses, interpreters for the tutors will be provided, but please check ahead of the course as to whether you will be able to understand the information.

If you cannot meet the prerequisite requirements at the time of the course, you must present evidence of having done so within 18 months of the end of your course in order to receive information regarding assessments.

Finally, we recommend having at least 3-5 years worth of parkour training experience before attempting the course as you will be asked to demonstrate practical parkour competency, and 1-2 years assistant parkour coaching experience as you will be given coaching scenarios to work with throughout the course.

Day 1

  • Welcome & Introduction: Becoming a Coach
  • Movement Practice
  • A Philosophy of Coaching
  • The Science of Expertise: Deliberate Practice
  • Coaching a Movement Continuum
  • Cultivating Confidence in Parkour Practice

Day 2

  • Breaking Jumps Practice
  • Using Fear as a Guide to Unlocking Movement
  • Pedagogical Models of Coaching
  • General Preparation: A&P and Redefining Fitness
  • Specific Preparation: Coaching the Biomechanics of Parkour
  • The Basics of Programming for Movement

Day 3

  • Coaching Movement via Themes & Attributes
  • Inclusive Coaching
  • Mastering Drill Creation Variables
  • Micro-Teach Practice

Day 4

  • Athlete Interaction: Effective Communication with Learners
  • Affordances for Movement
  • Youth Coaching
  • Micro-Teach Practice
  • Mobility, Flexibility and Preventing Injury

Day 5

  • Avoiding The Dangers of Coaching
  • Group Coaching: Using and Supervising Assistants
  • Coaching the Values of Parkour
  • Self-Programming for Assessments & Personal Feedback Sessions
  • Moving Forward: Action Plans, Reflective Coaching and Assessments
  • Final Group Challenge


 Participants will receive the following resources in support:

  • ADAPT Level 2 Learner Pack
  • ADAPT Coaching Resource Book
  • Assessment Materials
  • Reflective Hours Coaching Log-Sheets


Following the Level 2 Course candidates must prepare for and complete the Assessment phase between 3 months to 2 years following the course.

This is to allow suitable time for the content of the course to be absorbed and put into practice, and the feedback of the course tutor to be acted upon before attempting the assessments. Assessments are booked separately via this website.