Level 2 Parkour Coach Assessments - June 2024
Level 2 Parkour Coach Assessments - June 2024
Boston, MA - USA

Level 2 Parkour Coach Assessments - June 2024

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Location & Dates : 18 - 19 Jun 2024 Boston, MA, USA


Level 2 Coach Certification Assessment


  •  Valid ADAPT Level One Certificate
  • Valid and up-to-date First Aid certificate
  • Completed and signed Level 2 Learner Pack
  • 40 Reflective Coaching Sessions Completed

Day One: Parkour Competence Assessment

The Parkour Competence Assessment requires up to 8 hours to complete. It is comprised of 15 exercise areas designed to demonstrate competence across the foundation movement skills of parkour, each of which carries a potential maximum amount of marks for perfect completion.

Points are awarded for Completion / Hesitation / Quality / Consistency.

90% is required to pass the Parkour Competence Assessment.

Day Two: Coaching Assessments

Written Assessment: A 90 minute written assessment covering fundamental 
parkour, coaching and best practice knowledge. 90% is required to pass the written assessment.

Practical Coaching Assessments: Plan and deliver a 25-50 minute simulated coaching session. The theme/scenario will be given to you at the start of the day and you will have 30 minutes to plan a session around that theme/scenario that demonstrates effective coaching. The Assessor may also ask you any questions related to the content of the Level 2 Coach Course or best-practice coaching.
90% is required to pass the Practical Coaching Assessment.

Optional Live Coaching Assessment: At the Assessor's discretion you may be required to teach a live parkour session under observation by an Assessor either during the Assessment period or shortly after, either at a live event or possibly at a class you are scheduled to run. You will be informed if this is required at the end of the Assessments.

For more information please contact americas.adapt@parkourgenerations.com