ADAPT, Ready For 2018

As we move effortlessly into the new year we get to release a whole host of new and exciting courses and events.

First of all we launch into 2018 with our first ever visit to Portugal at the end of January, where we will be joining up with Spot Real to run this years first of many Level 1 Coach Certifications and Next Gen. Parkour Workshops.

Spot Real


Next we find ourselves responding to last years very successful visit to Perth, Australia by returning this time with our Level 2 Coach Certification. In fact we'll be making two visits to Australia this year and working closely with Movement Co. to deliver two Level 1 Coach Certifications, the Level 2 Coach Certification Course and the Level 2 Coach Certification Assessments as well as bringing back the Next Gen. Parkour Workshops which proved to be a big hit last year.

Movement Co.

 Our Coach Certifications will continue to happen all over the world this year with booking already open for Australia, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden and booking still to come for Brazil, Egypt, USA and more!

But that's not all...

This year we have so much more going on with CPD's in Youth Coaching and Parkour For Older People making their first appearance in Asia along with our very successful Young ADAPT Training Days.

Young ADAPT: Asking How, What and Why!

Our Young ADAPT Training Days and courses start with the Junior ADAPT for 7-10 years old where we get to look at how kids can take their movement further by exploring what they are capable of.

Then we have the Youth ADAPT for 11-15 years old where young people get to look at what it is their movement is actually doing and what the reasons are for moving in certain ways, such as safety, efficiency and longevity.

Finally, once our next generation of movers have achieved a wealth of experience we pose the ultimate question, "Why?" Why do we practice parkour and where can it take us, is it a hobby or do you want to make a career of it?



So, wherever you are in the world, however old you are, and whatever it is you want to achieve, check out everything we have to offer, because we reckon you'll find plenty to fill up the year.

Move. Learn. Coach.

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