Quality Coaching Mark

Being awarded the ADAPT Quality Coaching Mark instantly brands your gym or club as being a place of coaching excellence and high performance.

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This prestigious award is the pinnacle of achievement in the Parkour Coaching industry and is a high-value kite-mark of excellence.

If you’ve successfully created a truly outstanding coaching culture in your gym or club you’ll be able to take your place as one of the industry’s finest performers alongside other high-performing parkour organisations.

How does the Coaching Quality Mark process work?

  • The ADAPT Quality Coaching Mark™ offers you and your leadership team the chance to evaluate the coaching practice and impact you are having in your gym.
  • When you register for this award you’ll be able to have a consultation with a Quality Coaching Mark™ Assessor to establish your areas of existing good practice, identify any areas that need to be developed, and answer any questions you may have.
  • You’ll then complete your action planning, implement it and start to produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate how each of the five AQCM Standards are being met.
  • As you work towards the Quality Coaching Mark™ you’ll have access to help and advice from the AQCM support team. Once you’ve submitted your portfolio the quality and effectiveness of your organisation’s coaching will be assessed by our panel of highly experienced Tutors. You’ll then be informed of the outcome or date of your assessor’s visit if any additional verification is needed.
  • You’ll also benefit from helpful feedback, practical advice and any recommended action steps to help your organisation make greater impact through coaching.

Who is the ADAPT Quality Coaching Mark for?

The ADAPT Quality Coaching Mark™ is for gyms, academies, clubs and schools that are committed to developing a coaching culture throughout their organisation as a whole and are committed to using coaching to support staff & student achievement.

Does Your Gym Deserve Global Recognition for Quality Coaching Practice?

Meeting the success criteria of the ADAPT Quality Coaching Mark™ proves that you’re using coaching effectively and it also gives you the opportunity to gain local, national and global recognition for the outstanding coaching work going on in your organisation.



To achieve the AQCM your organisation will be required to produce a portfolio demonstrating:

  1. Sufficient number of coaches have achieved an ADAPT qualification
  2. Opportunities for all staff & students to access high quality coaching
  3. Proving a commitment to actively developing coaching skills and culture in the organisation
  4. Evidence of broader coaching impact through outreach and pro-social activities
  5. Sufficient numbers of classes, workshops and/or events to provide accessibility to training

Your assessor will ask further questions within each of these key standards as part of your application process, which may include a visit to observe coaching operations in practice.



Organisations that are successful in achieving the ADAPT Quality Coaching Mark receive:

  • Inclusion on the ADAPT Quality Coaching Mark Network Database, with links back to your chosen website
  • Printed Quality Mark Certificate
  • Digital Quality Mark Certificate
  • Discounts on hosting ADAPT Certification Courses and CPD Courses
  • Discounts on official ADAPT clothing


If you’re a gym owner or organisation head and are interested in finding out more about the ADAPT Quality Coaching Mark, simply contact us directly via info@adaptqualifications.com to begin your process.

An ADAPT Quality Coaching Mark Approved Assessor will then talk you through the application process and ask for the required information. They’ll briefly run through the Coaching Quality Mark application process with you and answer any questions so you’ll know exactly what’s required when you commit to working towards achieving the Mark.

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