CPD: Strength Training For Movement (Coming Soon)
CPD: Strength Training For Movement (Coming Soon)
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CPD: Strength Training For Movement (Coming Soon)

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Strength For Movement CPD 

With a holistic discipline such as parkour we often find it important to understand that there is perhaps a better definition of a ‘strong individual’ than simply how much they can lift, pull or push.

For movement athletes, relative strength is far more important than absolute strength of course, as we are not comparing ourselves to others with regards to how much weight we can move. We are interested in moving our own bodies efficiently, effectively and for practical purposes, and for as long as we are able. It is worth keeping in mind that the pursuit of absolute strength can potentially have adverse or limiting effects on movement capacity/quality, and may in fact expose practitioners to a higher risk of injury due to muscular imbalance.

A strong individual is one who can face a diversity of challenges and emerge not only unscathed but also better than they were before the challenge. This is an adaptive individual, one who can embrace adversity and utilise it as a positive stressor to improve and grow. The wider range of challenges one can manage, the stronger one is. This necessarily then includes psychological strength and emotional resilience as well as sufficient physical capacities to navigate and utilise the obstacles that come our way in the pursuit of movement excellence.

The course covers both bodyweight and weighted training concepts, identifying how to develop strength, power and endurance for parkour and how to coach these concepts to individuals or groups.

On this course you will learn to apply effective strength training principles for parkour and movement in general.

The course lasts just one day, starting at 09:00 and finishing at 18:00. Once you've booked your chosen course you'll be sent further information, including the exact address of the course and contact information for your host and tutor. If you need this information before booking, scroll down to Ask A Question.

We ask that all candidates meet the following criteria:
  • 16 years of age or over
  • A.D.A.P.T. Level 1 Coach Certified

If you cannot meet the prerequisite requirements at the time of the course, you must present evidence of having done so within 12 months of the end of your course in order to receive your certification.

Finally, we recommend having at least 6 months worth of parkour training experience before attempting the course as you will be expected to contribute to practical parkour tasks.